What do you do when the container on your street is full, clogged or otherwise unavailable?

Do you drop your trash next to it? Walk to the next street over? Or do you take it back inside and patiently wait till the municipality fixes it?

Now you can directly report issues directly to the local Municipal body and notify your neighbours to prevent more clutter around the containers and your neighbourhood!

Connect with neighbours

Simply connect with your neighbours with My Clean City by sharing events, get-together and you can even offer and exchange items.

Stay ahead of your trash

Do you know If your waste container is not full and available to collect the garbage, Never miss a date with the My Clean City app.

Get rewards

Collect GreenPoints in exchange for rewards. We offer a unique green reward, we make it possible for you to (digitally) own a tree, all you have to do is report issues when you come across them (this is only available in The Hague).

Feature Services

Reporting: Waste next to Containers

Informing community about reported container

Social Cohesiveness


Report container

No more full, clogged, dirty container. Residents can report immediately to keep their waste  More...

Report Other

Residents can report other major issues such as Dog poop, broken lamps, property etc too. More...


Our system offers you reward like -Coupons, Certificates, even tagging your own tree.  More...


We keep you updated Waste collection of your street and neighbourhood.

My Clean City App

My Clean City App provides its users a simple and efficient way to access the updates from their municipality. Issues ranging from general announcements to road works or public transport route changes is covered in the notification section of our app.

Point Of Interest

We help you to find out different kind of point of interests in the city such as Free wifi   More...


We aim to provide a social cohesiveness, our community message board helps the residents   More...

Information Section

We keep you updated with important information about Waste management.

City Update

We believe in clear and concise communication system, Now Important news and updates  More...

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